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Spotlight on Jason Turuwhenua

Jason graduated with a PhD in Physics in 2002

Jason sitting in his office

"I graduated in 2002 with a PhD in Physics, looking at light transport in the eye, after having done a BSc and MSc at Waikato.

“After my PhD I started working as a lecturer in the Science Faculty, where I had oversight of the Tuākana programme, Following that I took an appointment as a Research Fellow in the Auckland Bioengineering Institute, as well as teaching optics in the School of Optometry and Vision Science

“I’ve always been interested in “building” things and my current work as a researcher looks at how new technologies and engineering methods can be applied to benefit people with vision problems in particular. This means that a lot of my work has a very broad applied focus, which may combine (on any one day) creating measuring equipment, working with data as well as testing out ideas with real people..

“During my time in the Tuākana programme, I had oversight of the programme. The most enjoyable aspect of that was working with and getting to know a diverse range of students and staff across the science faculty.

“If I were to give any advice to new students coming through it would be:

  1. Do what you love.
  2. Balance your time at University - i.e. work hard, but enjoy yourself.
  3. Please don’t be shy, ask questions of your lecturers, and make use of support available to you.

“University is a fantastic place for an inquisitive mind, so make the most of it.”