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Spotlight on Kisina Finau

Kisina graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 2013 and now works as as the Technology and Systems Administrator for the Accommodation Services Department at the University of Auckland

Kisina in his office at the University

“I am currently the Technology and Systems Administrator for the Accommodation Services department at the University of Auckland. In my role, I am responsible for maintaining and developing the StarRez database, which involves reviewing processes, investigating potential enhancements, and making recommendations based on what I find. In my role I work closely with the University IT Services team, as well as third party vendors and the Hall of Residences.

“Prior to this, I worked as an analyst programmer for the IT development company Agility CIS Limted, and then moved into running my own IT systems repair and support business where I was contracted as a System Administrator for Pasifika Technology Ltd.

“As a student, I was involved in the Tuākana programme both as a teina and as a mentor. The highlight for me was meeting fellow Māori and Pasifika students who shared my interest in Computer Science, and some are still great friends today. As a mentor, it was also a huge privilege to be in position where I could offer support to those students who struggled with asking for help due to the their cultural upbringing and influences– but with my experience, I was able to be a go-to person for them.”