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Spotlight on Richard Hopkins

Richard Hopkins graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Computer Science in 2012, and a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Statistics in 2013.

Richard standing in front of a large sign

"After completing my Honours degree in Statistics at the University of Auckland, I was offered a role at IAG as a Pricing Analyst – a job that I was able to secure thanks to my science degree. When I first started working at IAG, my employer told me that “it’s easier to teach business than to teach analytical skills. Your analytical skills are impressive, that is why we hired you”.

“As a Pricing Analyst, I use statistical modelling to determine fair premium prices. This ensures that there is both enough money to pay for claims and that the company is making a profit.

“What I really enjoy about this job is the fact that there is something new to do every day. I also enjoy the people; it feels like we all belong to one big family. The hardest part about my job is knowing where to go to find the data that you need. There is a ton of data and it is stored in lots of different tables.

“Outside of work, I am still heavilly involved in the church as a youth leader, which involves teaching at Sunday School, and running weekly activities.

“During my time at the University, I was involved in the Tuakana programme as both a mentor and mentee – but the highlight for me was definitely working as a mentor. I really enjoy helping people achieve their goals, and being a mentor gave me the opportunity to meet and help a lot of awesome people”