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Dr Martin Brook

BSc (Hons) Salf., M.E. UNSW, PhD Dund., CGeol FGS, MEngNZ

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Senior Lecturer


Programme Director, Master of Engineering Geology (MEngGeol)

First part of career was at Massey University (Quaternary geology), then private sector geology in Australia and the Middle East, including Carnarvon Basin in WA, Bowen and Surat Basins in QLD. Large part of career since 2012 has been in civil and mining sectors (surface and underground) in Hunter Valley and QLD, and tunneling projects in Perth (Forestfield-Airport Link) Sydney (Sydney Metro, NorthConnex, WestConnex), Melbourne Metro. Other major site investigations include RAAF Tindal extension (Katherine, NT), and in UAE. Experience includes both intrusive investigations as well as surface and borehole geophysics, and airborne. 

Available for consulting.

Research | Current

Current projects are focused on landslides and slope instability in the NZ and Pacific region, including combining UAV, geophysics and geotechnical approaches. Additional work is on tunnelling and mining. Students have been part-supported by a variety of sources including Earthquake Commission (EQC), NZ Govt Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade (MFAT), Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE), Waikato Regional Council, and engineering consultancies. 

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD in one of these topics under my supervision, the University will offer a guaranteed Doctoral scholarship to applicants with GPE of 8.0 or above.

Available for consulting engineering geology and geophysics services in civil and mining in NZ and overseas.


2018-2021 Perpetual Guardian Planet Earth Trust (PI Jen Eccles) - Low hazard but High Risk: Investigating Potential Seismic Sources in Auckland 

EQC 2018-2021 Delineation of landslide hazard in a vulnerable city (with Jon Tunnicliffe, Murry Cave)

EQC 2018-19 Biennial Award UAV/LiDAR monitoring of Auckland landslides (with Jon Tunicliffe)

MBIE Research Programme 2018-2022 Earthquake-induced landslides and landscape dynamics: planning for, and avoiding landslide hazard and risk (led by C. Massey) 

MBIE 2015-2018 Leveraging aggregate resources (led by D. Wilson) 


Teaching | Current

Programme Director, Masters of Engineering Geology (MEngGeol)

EARTHSCI 262 Geomorphology

EARTHSCI 330 Research Methods in Physical Geography

EARTHSCI 372 Engineering Geology (coordinator)

EARTHSCI 705 Geohazards

CIVIL 726 Engineering Geology (coordinator)

EARTHSCI 771 Advanced Engineering Geology (coordinator)

EARTHSCI 772 Hydrogeology 

Postgraduate supervision



Matt Cook - InSAR of land stability in northeastern New Zealand (with Dr Murry Cave, Dr Jon Tunnicliffe; funded by EQC)

Arishma Ram - Landslides on Viti Levu, Fiji (with Prof. Shane Cronin; funded by MFAT/NZ Aid)

Caleb Gasston - Coseismic landsliding associctaed with the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake (with A/P Julie Rowland; Chris Massey, GNS; funded by MBIE) 


Vivek Vaidya - UAV monitoring of landslides in the Auckland region

Quin Sorenson -Engineering slope stability investigation of Awakino Gorge

Hemanshu Soma - Engineering geophysical investigation of stop banks in Waikato and Bay of Plenty (with G Brierley)

Alex Leighton - Engineering rock slope stability of basalt cliffs in urban Auckland

Matt Strain – Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) of coseismic landslides

William Mansell – Engineering geology and slope deformation at Maramarua open cut coal mine


Ryan Lewis - Geological Strength Index (GSI) of the Vera Rubin Ridge, Mars



Rob Dykes - Monitoring seismicity of Tasman Glacier (2013), MU Top Achiever PhD scholarship, Dean List

Clare Robertson - Sub-bottom 'CHIRP' profiling of glacial lakes (2013), Sasakawa Foundation, Japan

John Appleby - Structure and deformation of alpine glaciers (2012), MU Top Achiever PhD scholarship


James Stringer - Slope stability along SH1 during the North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery (NCTIR)

Rosie Garrill - UAV assessment and monitoring of landslides (with Nick Richards)

Pius Yote - Engineering geology of the Te Kopia escarpment (with Jan Lindsay and Kathy Campbell)

Hui Qiao - Groundwater drawdown and ground settlement in Auckland region (with Ross Roberts, Auckland Council)

Lance Cowan - Engineering geological characterisation and fracturing of Hunua greywacke

Noah Gulick - Engineering geology of the Wallis Road Slip, Gisborne (with Murry Cave, Gisborne District Council)

Kathryn Ryder - UAV, Sirovision and FracMan modeling of coastal slope stability in Auckland

Sam McGovern - Engineering geology of the Mangapoike landsldie, Gisborne

Ben Fleetwood - Engineering geology of early Miocene East Coast Bays Formation

Caleb Gasston - Delineating Auckland faults with gravity and borehole data (with A/Prof. Jan Lindsay)

Tom Rishworth - Numerical modelling of debris flows in Coromandel (with Jon Tunnicliffe, UoA; Brian McArdell, Swiss Federal Institute, Zurich)

Joanna Gaset - Settlement modelling of Waterview Tunnel (with Sian France & Ann Willaims, Beca; Ross Roberts, Auckland Council) *won School of Environment MSc thesis award

David Bevan - Engineering geology of Ohuka landslide, Port Waikato (with Jon Tunnicliffe, UoA; Warwick Prebble

Erin Nolan - Slope deposits on Mt Ruapehu

Stephanie Mandolla - Sedimentology of Wahianoa deposits, Mt Ruapehu

John Appleby - Structural geology of Fox Glacier

Heather Purdie - Climate and dynamics of Fox Glacier

Celeste Milnes - Hazard perception at Mt Ruapehu ski fields


Emma O'Brien - Orere Point slope stability using UAV

Jesse Merkel - Engineering geology and numerical modeling of the Kawakawa Bay landslide

Berrick Fitzsimons - Engineering assessment of the coseismic Seafront Slip, Clarence

Shanshan Lui - Geophysical investigation of Kepa Road landslide, Orakei

Liam Green- Liquefaction modeling in South Auckland (with Barry O'Conner)

Zaid Rana - Shore hardness of East Coast Bays Formation

Alex Parma -  Engineering geological assessment of Sunkist Bay landslide using UAV (with Jon Tunnicliffe, Nick Richards)

Max Davis - Engineering rock mass assessment of East Coast Bays Formation slopes

Rob Dykes - Bathymetric survey of Tasman Lake


Kerry Worthington Award, University of Salford (UK)

Employee of the year 2014 -Business Development, Moultrie Group (Australia)

Areas of expertise

Engineering geology, slope instability and landslides, engineering geophysics, mine geology/geotech

Standard 11 Mining Induction Surface & Underground; Queensland Coal Board Medical; Confined Space Entrance certification

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Brook, M. S. (2019). Engineering geophysics and the 2017 New Zealand Ground Investigation Specification guidelines. ENGINEERING GEOLOGY, 252, 164-167. 10.1016/j.enggeo.2019.02.017
  • Brook, M. S., & Merkle, J. (2019). Monitoring active landslides in the Auckland region utilising UAV/structure-from-motion photogrammetry. Japanese Geotechnical Society Special Publication, 6 (2), 1-6. 10.3208/jgssp.v06.GIZ01
  • Brook, M., Hagg, W., & Winkler, S. (2017). Contrasting medial moraine development at adjacent temperate, maritime glaciers: Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers, South Westland, New Zealand. Geomorphology, 290, 58-68. 10.1016/j.geomorph.2017.04.015
  • Brook, M. S., Bevan, D., Prebble, W., Tunnicliffe, J., & Richards, N. (2017). Structure-from-Motion (SfM) and Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) evaluation of the Ohuka landslide, North Island, New Zealand. Paper presented at EGU General Assembly, EGU2017, Vienna, Austria. 23 April - 28 April 2017. Geophysical Research Abstracts Volume 19. Related URL.
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Jon Tunnicliffe, Nicholas Richards
  • Brook, M. S., Liu, S., Richards, N., Bevan, D., & Prebble, W. (2017). Assessing reactivation of the Pourewa Landslide Zone, Auckland, New Zealand, using Structure-from-Motion, LiDAR, and geophysics. Paper presented at EGU General Assembly 2017, Vienna, Austria. 24 April - 28 April 2017. Geophysical Research Abstracts. Related URL.
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Nicholas Richards
  • Brook, M. S., Gaset, J., France, S., Williams, A., & O'Conner B (2017). Engineering geomorphology and ground settlement at the Waterview Connection Tunnel, Auckland, New Zealand. Paper presented at 17th Biennial ANZGG Conference: Integrated Geomorphology, Greytown, New Zealand. 6 February - 10 February 2017.
  • Ram, A. R., Brook, M. S., & Cronin, S. J. (2017). Slope failures induced by Tropical Cyclone Winston in Viti Levu, Fiji islands. Paper presented at 17th Biennial ANZGG Conference: Integrated Geomorphology, Greytown, New Zealand. 6 February - 10 February 2017.
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Shane Cronin, Arishma Ram
  • Dykes, R. C., Brook, M. S., & Lube, G. (2017). A major ice-calving event at Tasman Glacier terminus, Southern Alps, 22 February 2011. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand, 47 (4), 336-343. 10.1080/03036758.2016.1260607


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