Professor Clark Thomborson

BS(Hons)/MS (Stanford), PhD (Carnegie-Mellon)


  • 1975 B.S. (honors) Chemistry, Stanford University
  • 1975 M.S., Computer Science / Computer Engineering, Stanford University
  • 1980 Ph.D., Computer Science, Carnegie-Mellon University
  • 1979-86 Assistant Professor of EECS at UC Berkeley
  • 1983 married Barbara Borske
  • 1983 changed surname from Thompson to Thomborson
  • 1986-94 Professor of CS at U Minnesota-Duluth
  • 1992-3 Visiting Professor of EECS at MIT
  • 1995 Principal Programmer, LaserMaster Corp of Minnesota
  • 1996 emigrated to New Zealand, joined University of Auckland

Research | Current

  • Obfuscated circuits
  • Steganographic protocols
  • Privacy requirements

Areas of expertise

The specification of secure systems, particularly for identity management and privacy protection.  Algorithms and applications for software watermarking and obfuscation.

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Thomborson, C., & Jeanmougin, M. (2017). Stegogames. Information Security and Privacy (Lecture Notes in Computer Science), 10343 (Pt. 2), 414-421. Auckland, New Zealand. 10.1007/978-3-319-59870-3_26
  • Tu, Y. C., Tempero, E., & Thomborson, C. (2016). An experiment on the impact of transparency on the effectiveness of requirements documents. Empirical Software Engineering, 21 (3), 1035-1066. 10.1007/s10664-015-9374-8
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Ewan Tempero, Yu-Cheng Tu
  • Thomborson, C. (2016). Privacy patterns. 2016 14th Annual Conference on Privacy, Security and Trust (PST 2016), 656-663. Auckland, New Zealand: IEEE. 10.1109/PST.2016.7906953
  • Kanzaki, Y., Thomborson, C., Monden, A., & Collberg, C. (2015). Pinpointing and hiding surprising fragments in an obfuscated program. Proceedings of the 5th Program Protection and Reverse Engineering Workshop, A8.1-A8.9. Los Angeles, United States: Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). 10.1145/2843859.2843862
  • Members of the Security Forum, Seccombe, A., Sherwood, J., Simmonds, P., Thomborson, C., Tully, S., ... Dobson, I. (2014). Protecting information: Steps for a secure data future. The Open Group.
  • Jarupunphol, P., & Thomborson, C. (2013). The Dhammic Framework for Understanding the Cause of System Project Failures from Buddhist Insights. Paper presented at 12th IEEE International Conference on Cognitive Informatics and Cognitive Computing (ICCI CC), Fordham Univ, New York, NY. 16 July - 18 July 2013. PROCEEDINGS OF THE 2013 12TH IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COGNITIVE INFORMATICS& COGNITIVE COMPUTING (ICCI CC 2013). (pp. 10).
  • Thomborson, C. (2010). Axiomatic and Behavioural Trust. Paper presented at 3rd International Conference on Trust and Trustworthy Computing, Berlin, GERMANY. 21 June - 23 June 2010. TRUST AND TRUSTWORTHY COMPUTING, PROCEEDINGS. (pp. 15).

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