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The Faculty of Science at the University of Auckland is the largest and most highly ranked science faculty in New Zealand. More than 7,600 students study in our 10 schools and departments, learning from internationally renowned lecturers.

Summer Research Scholarships Applications close on 30 July

Summer Research Scholarships are a great way to get some research experience and work with leading researchers at the Faculty of Science.

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Enrol in EXERSCI 100G for Semester Two by 4 August 2017

Join us to uncover the myths and reality behind exercise and fitness. With no background in Science required, this course is perfect for anyone interested in health, fitness and how the body works.

  • Lifetime Achievement Award for Dr Mark Costello
    14 July 2017
    Associate Professor Mark Costello from the Institute of Marine Science has been awarded the highly prestigious New Zealand Marine Science Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Take 10 with... Dr Nicholas Rattenbury
    14 July 2017
    Dr Nicholas Rattenbury from the Department of Physics gives us 10 minutes of his time to discuss alien worlds.
  • Making science even sexier
    14 July 2017
    World-renowned astrophysicist and science communicator Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson delivered his one-off Auckland show, A Cosmic Perspective, on Sunday 9 July. Some of our faculty academics attended, and they've shared their personal perspectives with us.
  • Could you be hypnotised?
    02 June 2017
    A team of neuroscientists led by Associate Professor Greg Anson, Professor Winston Byblow and Associate Professor Jim Stinear are recruiting healthy right-handed individuals between 18 and 40 years old for a study of motor imagery and hypnosis.
  • Summer Research Scholarships available
    24 July 2017
    From gaining research experience to improving your career prospects, find out the benefits of a summer scholarship.
  • How is your brain wired?
    29 May 2017
    Sensory processing, brain plasticity and ageing volunteers needed.
  • City Campus closed on Auckland Anniversary Day
    17 January 2017
    The City Campus will be closed on Auckland Anniversary Day because of the Laneway Festival in Albert Park.