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The Faculty of Science at the University of Auckland is the largest and most highly ranked science faculty in New Zealand. More than 7,600 students study in our 10 schools and departments, learning from internationally-renowned lecturers.

Amazing Science Centre

See our amazing Science Centre in this video that showcases the facilities on offer at the Faculty of Science.

Undergraduate Handbooks 2017

Our undergraduate handbooks are now available to view. Take a look at what you can study at New Zealand's leading Faculty of Science.

2016 Vice-Chancellor's Lecture Series

Free and open to the public. This series of public lectures explores how our belief systems influence and shape political outcomes and social change.

  • New technologies a challenge even for mathematicians
    28 September 2016
    From computing pioneer and code breaker Alan Turing to former global surveillance whistle-blower Edward Snowden, mathematics has been essential to the development of computing and online security.
  • Young scientist graduates to join war on pests
    27 September 2016
    The latest recruit to New Zealand’s war on pests is well qualified for the job – her Masters research resulted in a mouse population explosion on a previously pest-free island that surprised almost everyone.
  • Life is unfair, so why don’t we do more about it?
    26 September 2016
    In many industrialised nations the rich have grown richer while the middle and working classes have seen their economic situation stagnate or decline. Why do we tolerate this stark inequality?
  • New Science Centre information for current students
    02 September 2016
    The School of Environments' academic and professional staff and students are moving into their new spaces on Monday 5 September.
  • PhD Studentship in Biosecurity Science - Wasps
    07 April 2016
    Based within the Plant & Food Research’s Biosecurity Group at Lincoln near Christchurch, this project will investigate the possibility of manipulating wasp foraging based on knowledge of chemical ecology and insect learning, and investigate potential new tactics for control. It is part of the National Science Challenge; our Biological Heritage.
  • Freemasons University and Postgraduate Scholarships, 2017
    27 September 2016
    The Freemasons Scholarships are to assist able students who are active in their involvement in the community, to complete their university education in their chosen field. Closing date 1 October.