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The Faculty of Science at the University of Auckland is the largest and most highly ranked science faculty in New Zealand. More than 7,000 students study in our 10 schools and departments, learning from internationally-renowned lecturers.

Graduation 2016

Everything you need to know about graduating in May.

2016 Gibbons Lectures

This year the topic for the Gibbons lectures is Medical Applications of Information Technology. Lectures being early May. All are welcome.

Graduation competition

Celebrate your graduation by taking part in our photobooth competition on Wednesday 11 May.

  • PhD Studentship in Biosecurity Science - Wasps
    07 April 2016
    Based within the Plant & Food Research’s Biosecurity Group at Lincoln near Christchurch, this project will investigate the possibility of manipulating wasp foraging based on knowledge of chemical ecology and insect learning, and investigate potential new tactics for control. It is part of the National Science Challenge; our Biological Heritage.
  • New Undergraduate Scholarships for 2017
    28 April 2016
    The University of Auckland is awarding a larger number of undergraduate scholarships to support students beginning their studies in 2017.
  • Free adult hearing test
    27 April 2016
    Supervised audiology students are providing hearing tests and hearing aid checks free of charge to adults on selected dates and times.