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The Faculty of Science at the University of Auckland is the largest and most highly ranked science faculty in New Zealand. More than 7,600 students study in our 10 schools and departments, learning from internationally-renowned lecturers.

Amazing Science Centre

See our amazing Science Centre in this video that showcases the facilities on offer at the Faculty of Science.

L’Oréal UNESCO for Women in Science programme

Congratulations to Dr Erin Leitao, from the School of Chemical Sciences, who has been awarded the 2016 NZ Fellow of the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science programme.

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  • New startup to research novel cancer vaccines
    18 January 2017
    The University of Auckland is partnering with an American drug development company to launch a biotech start-up that will research novel cancer vaccines.
  • Spaceward Bound
    20 December 2016
    A “dynamic educational outreach event” is how Professor Kathy Campbell describes the MBIE funded Unlocking Curious Minds project that saw 20 secondary school students attend an exclusive astrobiology field trip in December 2016.
  • Microlensing study suggests most common outer planets likely Neptune-mass
    16 December 2016
    A new statistical study of planets found by a technique called gravitational microlensing suggests that Neptune-mass worlds are likely the most common type of planet to form in the icy outer realms of planetary systems.