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  • Pioneering young physicist wins NZAS Research Medal
    19 November 2015
    Scientific discoveries in miniature optics that could result in ultra-accurate clocks, and advanced research in fibre optic loops has earned Associate Professor Stéphane Coen of the University of Auckland Department of Physics this year’s Research Medal from the New Zealand Association of Scientists.
  • Einstein, Light and Time - with a bit of whizz bang
    18 November 2015
    Where once humans used the Sun to measure time, now scientists are developing ultra-accurate clocks that can achieve accuracies of better than one second in 80 million years but still depend fundamentally on light.
  • UniBound smooths transition from school to university
    16 November 2015
    UniBound is a two-semester programme that equips Māori and Pacific school leavers without University Entrance with the skills they need to enter university.
  • EMBL Australia Student Symposium (Science Event Tags) Event as iCalendar
    25 November 2015 - 27 November 2015
    European Molecular Biology Laboratory Australia Symposium: The 2015 EMBL Australian Student Symposium explores the current revolution in biological sciences, the integration of large-scale biology and computational approaches to answer our biological questions
  • Einstein, Time, and Light (science_news, Physics, Science Event Tags) Event as iCalendar
    25 November 2015, 7pm
    Einstein’s insights into light have changed how we think about time. Today, the best primary ultracold atom clocks achieve accuracy of better than a second in 300 million years. Come hear how these amazing, super-accurate clocks are essential to industry, commerce, and science, and how they form the heart of modern GPS technology.
  • Mass Surveillance and the Crisis of Social Responsibility (Science Event Tags) Event as iCalendar
    09 December 2015, 6:30pm
    Drawing on his experience as a cryptographer and years teaching ethics to computer scientists and engineers, Professor Phillip Rogaway from the University of California, Davis will talk about the existence of global systems for mass surveillance.