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Master of Professional Studies in Data Science (MProfStuds)

Quick facts
Points per degree 120 points
Full-time study 1 year
Part-time study 2-4 years (recommended if working concurrently)
Degree structure Taught and project
Taught by Faculty of Science and Business School
Taught at City Campus
Application closing date For Semester One 2018 start: 8 December 2017
For Semester Two 2018 start: 4 July 2018
Start date Semester One: 26 February 2018
Semester Two: 16 July 2018

Programme highlights

  • Provides insight into how to get the most out of the data within your organisation.
  • Brings together a range of expertise to provide a unique combination of courses.
  • Projects are supervised by research staff and can be related to real world problems in industry.

Programme overview


The last decade has seen an explosion in the amount of data available. Data has evolved into the most important asset for many companies and people. The ability to turn data into information, knowledge and innovative products often separates success from failure. Data scientists have the skill set to drive innovation and affect the success of start-ups, established businesses and organisations, governments, science projects, as well as media, broadcast and cultural events.

The new specialisation for the MProfStuds draws together courses from Computer Science, Statistics and Information Systems to address a need for professionals with a specific skill set. The qualification enables graduates to be readily identifiable as holding the skills to participate in the field and to contribute to its advancement.

The specialisation has three components:

  1. A data management stream and a data science stream, consisting of at least two courses in each area.
  2. The development of particular specialist strengths alongside the core knowledge, such as entrepreneurial and business skills, or further depth in Statistics or Computer Science.
  3. A research project under supervision by an academic and/or practitioner from industry.

Programme structure

The Master of Professional Studies in Data Science is a taught masters programme which can be taken full-time or can take up to four years part-time. It is based around a core of at least four advanced Computer Science and Statistics courses. Courses are offered at the City campus during the standard University of Auckland semester period. Courses can be selected from:

Note that eight courses is a normal full-time course load.

Entry requirements

In order to be admitted to this programme, a student needs to have completed:


  • the requirements for a four-year bachelors degree


  • the requirements for a bachelors (honours) degree


  • the requirements for a bachelors degree


  • have at least a B- average grade in the 90 points (or equivalent) of the most advanced courses of the degree


  • either a professional qualification equivalent to one year’s advanced study or at least three years of professional experience deemed relevant to this programme by Senate or its representative


  • any prerequisites for the courses in the subject area in which they wish to enrol.

Applicants who do not have the background to take the core 700 level Computer Science courses should first take some relevant computer science courses as part of a Certificate of Proficiency programme. (COMPSCI 220 Algorithms and Data Structures and/or COMPSCI 230 Software Construction, for example.)

Applicants who do not have the background to take the core 700 level Statistics courses should also first take some relevant statistics courses as part of a Certificate of Proficiency programme. (STATS 201 Data Analysis or STATS 210 Statistical Theory, for example.)

Career opportunities

Graduates of the programme will have a unique combination of skills in data science and data management. These skills allow them to comprehend, process and manage data effectively and efficiently, to extract value from data, to visualise it and to communicate it. The programme serves increasing demands from industry which relies upon massive volumes of data. Companies such as IBM, Infosys, Oracle and Orion increasingly need specialists in this field. Analysts, data administrators, software developers, managers, programmers and scientists could all benefit from the programme to further their careers.

Help and advice

For further information please contact

Associate Professor Sebastian Link
Master of Professional Studies Coordinator
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 88758
Email: mprofstuds@cs.auckland.ac.nz

Further application information