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Ardmore Field Station

The University owns 10.5 ha of pastoral land at Ardmore that is utilised by the Department of Physics as a field site for meteorological and radio research.

Ardmore Field Station

The site is used for undergraduate Field Work in Geophysics (solid Earth and Atmospheric), Geography and Environmental Science.

Historically research at the site began with long distance radio communications, evolved into ionospheric physics and then to antenna testing and meteorology. More recently research has centred on microwave and acoustic remote sensing as well as ozone and solar radiation measurements in a cloudy environment as a contribution to the Physics department's work on Climate.

A relatively new initiative has been the installation of two fully instrumented State Houses on the site, with current research into the effects of a better sealed steel roof and the effect of passive and active solar heating on the temperature and humidity of the inside of the house. New experiments on the rate of accumulation of moisture and carbon monoxide from the use of unvented gas heaters in State houses are also underway.

This site provides a rural, well equipped site which allows large scale experiments to be performed which would not be possible on the University Campus.