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Atomic Force Microscopy

Atomic Force Microscopy is a very high-resolution type of scanning probe microscope with a resolution in the order of fractions of a nanometer. Using an atomic force microscope (AFM), it is possible to measure the roughness of a sample surface at high resolution and to distinguish a sample based on its mechanical properties. It is possible to identify the atoms at a surface, evaluate the interaction between a specific atom and its neighbouring atoms and change in physical properties arising from a change in atomic arrangement .

There are two Atomic Force Microscopes Available:

Cypher ES Environmental AFM


Cypher is the first commercial AFM to take advantage of the high bandwidth and low noise performance of small cantilevers, and is the only commercial AFM to routinely resolve atomic point defects in the DNA helix. The Cypher ES adds adds full environmental control to the Cypher platform and is compatible with all standard and advanced scan modes such as Contact,Tapping Non-contact, Phase, Force measurements, Force mapping, STM, MFM ,PFM, C-AFM, EFM, SKPM, Dual AC, AM-FM/Loss Tangent, Frequency modulation.

The Cypher ES offers :

  • Gas perfusion in Sealed Cell
  • Integrated temperature control
  • Broad Chemical Compatibility

There are many fields which AFM analysis has been used and includes polymer, materials, life sciences and mechanics research.

MFP-3D Origin


The MFP-3D Origin AFM has a diverse range of applications producing powerful results in the fields of polymers, thin films, electronic devices and other advanced materials, bioscience and biophysics. It is capable of high resolution in both air and fluid using an inverted optical lever design to eliminate interference artifacts. The high performance closed-loop scanner enables easy and precise operation.

The platform and is compatible with standard and advanced scan modes such as Contact, Tapping / Non-contact, Phase, Force measurements, Force mapping, MFM, PFM, EFM, Dual AC, PFM, LFM, AM-FM / Loss Tangent, Frequency modulation. 

The MFP-Origin offers:

  • Hi-precision, low noise scan motion and closed loop operation in all three axis
  • Low noise force measurements
  • Versatile system configeration

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