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What is Bioinformatics?

Bioinformatics is a combination of biological and computer sciences, usually thought of as the application of computer technology to the management of biological information. Bioinformatics deals primarily with analysis of biological sequence data from DNA, RNA, or proteins; other applications include the analysis and management of metabolomics data, phenotype information, systematics, and biological modelling.


The Bioinformatics Institute was established in 2001 as a joint initiative between the University of Auckland and AgResearch. From 2009-2011, the Bioinformatics Institute was re-launched to focus on experimentalists and clinical researchers. 

Since December 2011, the Bioinformatics Institute's consulting services have operated in conjunction with New Zealand Genomics Ltd (NZGL), a government-backed collaboration which makes access to genomics and bioinformatics techniques accessible to New Zealand researchers.

The Bioinformatics Institute continues to be a research and education centre bringing together researchers in biosciences, health sciences, computer science, mathematics, and statistics to apply numerical analysis approaches to complex datasets. The Institute is part of the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

The research specialisations of its members include evolutionary bioinformatics, functional genomics, next generation sequencing and microarray analysis, biomedical bioinformatics and population and conservation genetics. The Institute also provides facilities for graduates students at the University of Auckland and provides training and support for biological, ecological and medical researchers across Faculties learning to use bioinformatics, as well as an active bioinformatics consulting service.

Assistance for researchers


The University of Auckland is one of three universities that form the New Zealand Genomics Limited (NZGL). The universities provide genomics services and expertise, while NZGL facilitates the process for researchers. Enquiries for bioinformatics support and Bio-IT services should be channelled through NZGL.

Bioinformatics Institute staff can assist with:

  • Analysis of your data, no matter where it was generated
  • Teaching you how to analyse your data
  • Advising on your data analysis
  • Assisting with funding applications and proposals
  • Preparation of datasets and figures for publication
  • Writing and reviewing publications.

Our people

Further information can be found on the Bioinformatics Institute Website.