Auckland Environment Observatory

The Auckland Environment Observatory is a new alliance between the University of Auckland and Auckland Council (AEO). The new alliance aims to help make Auckland the worlds most liveable city by providing high-quality research.

Both organisations believe that by working together and aligning their research in five areas, they can make the best possible use of resources to deliver top-quality insights to benefit Auckland and Aucklanders.  The five areas are:

  • Terrestrial ecology and conservation
  • Freshwater science
  • Coastal and marine science
  • Climate and air quality
  • Soils

The AEO aims to:

  • Produce high-quality science
  • Develop new research programmes
  • Produce high-quality datasets
  •  Provide research-student projects and postgraduate scholarships

Programmes underway include storm water quality surveillance, invasive-weed monitoring in the Hauraki Gulf, and avian disease screening.