Workshop/machinery safety

The University operates a variety of workshops for educational and research use. There are a multitude of hazards related to machinery that need to be controlled to ensure the safety of students and staff.

Workshop/machinery hazards, potential injuries and controls at the University

Machinery is designed to drive various transmissions and shape and form components, therefore human flesh and bone is shown no mercy if caught in amongst these working dangerous parts. Respect the machine and it will respect you.
Machine hazards: Potential injuries: Related hazards: Various controls:
  • entanglement
  • laceration/open wounds
  • noise
  • trapping
  • amputations
  • radiation
  • fixed guards
  • impact
  • crushing
  • electrical
  • interlock guards
  • friction
  • penetrating puncture wounds
  • dust
  • safe by position
  • cutting
  • degloving of body parts
  • fumes
  • photo electric beams
  • projectile.
  • fractures
  • vapours
  • comprehensive training and supervision
  • burns.
  • water.
  • comprehensive maintenance programmes
  • comprehensive procedures
  • safe operation
  • lockout procedures for cleaning and maintenance
  • machinery instruction manuals.

University guidelines and policies

Department of Labour safety publications

The following safety information has been published by the New Zealand Department of Labour - Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

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Metalworking machinery safety information

Woodworking machinery safety information

Other machinery

Specific information on guarding systems

Other workshop processes/activities