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How to apply - School leavers

What are the entry requirements?

The Science Scholars programme is aimed at the best and brightest students. We seek applications from students who exhibit intellectual curiosity and interest in science in a broad context. We are particularly interested in students who excel beyond formal tests and assignments. As part of the application process you will be asked for a referee report from a science teacher and to write an essay. These items, along with your grades, will form the basis for our decision on who to admit.

You must apply for admission to a BSc or BAdvSci(Hons) before applying for the Science Scholars Programme. Apply now.

Applications are considered against four selection criteria. While academic achievement is important we are equally interested in your personal statement and the content, depth and originality of your essay.


Write a 800 - 1000 word essay based on the following prompt:

  • Scientific explorations, big and small, can provoke strong emotional responses: describe a scientific hypothesis, study, or result that has really excited – or unsettled – you

Although this is a personal response essay, referencing is expected where appropriate. You may like to comment both on the science and your response to the science.

Please ensure your full-name and your University of Auckland ID number is on the essay. You should combine this into one file together with your personal statment (please see below) and submit this file to TurnItIn.

For assistance on using TurnItIn, including creating an account, please see here.

The course ID you need to enrol in is 18314335 and the Enrolment key is SCISCHOL19SL

Personal Statement

A 300-character (including spaces) statement that concisely addresses why you are interested in the Science Scholars programme is required.

This should also be submitted through TurnItIn, together with your essay. Please see the details above. Please don't forget to include your full-name and University of Auckland ID number.


A reference from a science teacher is required. Please download the form here. This should be submitted to us directly by your teacher. They can either post to the address on the form, or scan and email it to scischol@auckland.ac.nz

Academic Achievement

As a guideline, successful applicants are likely to achieve scores within the ranges shown below. It should be noted that these scores are indicative and will form only one part of the overall assessment of an application.

  • NCEA rank score of 260, with excellence in a minimum of 30 Level 3 credits in Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Digital Technologies and Programming, Earth and Space Science, Geography, Mathematics, Physics or Statistics.
  • CIE rank score of 310, with at least 2 of Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Physics or Statistics as full A-levels.
  • IB rank score of 33, with a minimum of 12 points in Group 4 and 5 subjects at HL.

In exceptional circumstances other candidates may be considered.

We will be able to access your grades at the end of the year, provided you have submitted your BSc or BAdvSci(Hons) application.

Closing dates

The closing date for entry into the 2019 intake for the Science Scholars programme is Friday 8th December 2018.

If you wish to secure guaranteed accommodation in O'Rorke Hall, we must receive your application by Sunday 8th September 2018. You must make sure you apply for accommodation in O'Rorke Hall directly with the Accommodation office as well.


Your application is not complete until we receive your personal statement, essay and a reference.